The further development of resource-saving technologies is a defining issue in the die casting industry. Wollin absolutely keeps up with the trend with the development of the patented Eco+ spray technology.

EcoSpray essentially works with two developments:

  • Application technology for reproducible small quantities
  • Improved release agents (oil/water-based) that also work at higher temperatures, up to 400°C


The use of oil- or water-based concentrates, combined with our Eco+ micro-spray technology, offers:

  • Economic advantages
  • Ecological advantages
  • Production advantages
Consumption per cycle: 36 ml release agent with 480 spray nozzles

For release agent

  • Very low mixing ratio 1:1 - 1:10
  • Very small quantities possible (ml)
  • Volumetric spraying
  • Problems with over-spraying can be solved by micro-spraying
  • Can be ideally dosed according to the motto: "Less is more, even less is better".

In the process

  • Reduction of cycle time → no cooling by spraying, no blowing out of water
  • Reduction of release agent consumption, no fresh water consumption or significant reduction of fresh/dirty water
  • When using water-based release agent: no mixing necessary, simpler equipment, reduction of bacterial infestation
  • Small distance to the mould surface allows to reduce the pressure level
  • Working with higher temperatures allows to optimize other parameters
  • Increased efficiency of die casting process Resource-saving technology with high process reliability

For the mould

  • No thermal shock on the mould surface
  • No corrosion
  • Increase in mould life

For the part quality

  • Less porosity
  • Less release agent deposition on the part surface, improvement of further surface treatments
  • Lower rejection rate and better part quality

This results in significant potential savings:

  • Energy costs: - 60-80%
  • Compressed air: - 70-80
  • Cycle time: - 10-20%
  • Fresh water: - 99-100%
  • Waste water: - 100%
  • Mould life: + 50-300%


Pulse spraying with DDV Nozzles

  • Mask tool for shock tower
  • Number of nozzles: 127
  • Consumption per cycle: ~ 8 ml


Optimized die cooling

  • Surface temperatures should stay within 180° - 400°C
  • Die has maybe to be modified to run at a higher temperature level
  • A die that has sufficent cooling during production can be too cold at startup, therefore heating possibilities are also necessary


  • Microspraying is a technologically demanding process, so close cooperation between the die casters and the suppliers is necessary before and during the start of the project

Spraying tool

  • Spraying tool with DD or DDV nozzles
  • Separating agent supply as for example OSA 1-50-2 or OSA 2-15
  • ECO-prepared mould spraying machine (ex works or retrofitted)
  • Booster station if air pressure network < 8 bar (only for DDV nozzles)
DDV dosing nozzle, self deaeration