PSR Die Spraying Robots


(80 - 2000-tonne closing force) 

Our PSR die spray robots (PSR1/2 FS) offer a cost-effective and flexible spraying process. They are suitable particularly for the use with simpler/easier dies and enable a consistent, reproducible spraying in a regulated process with a tool on different dies. A simple programme change is enough. 

  • Flexible robotic system
  • Individual spraying of the die through “propelled spraying”
  • Spray tool for several dies
  • Only the spray programme must be changed
  • Optional: The pressure control for the spray air pressure is programmable via the robot control
  • Combination with removal module is possible for removal of the cast part
Robot spraying PSR1 FS


(160 - 5500-tonne closing force) 

The line ESR 2/3/4  is compatible with all WOLLIN-spraying systems and is distinguished by its high flexibility in the process that is optimised by using the WOLLIN mask spray tool. T

  • Assembly of universal spray tool, individually adapted mask spray tools
  • Shorter process through mask spray tools
  • Strong spray and blow air
  • Short set-up times
  • Pressure control for spray air is programmable via the robot control
  • Robot user interface with WOLLIN spray software
Robot spraying ESR4