Wollin Announces . . .

Adapter Plates for existing reciprocators



Due to overwhelming demand, Wollin has developed a standard adapter plate that can easily be mounted on your machine's existing reciprocator or spray robot. 


Shown right is a Wollin spray head adapted to a Rimrock 410 HD reciprocator.


  • Within 4 hours, the spray head was installed, cycle time was reduced by 10 seconds; lube consumptions was cut in half.

  • Within 48 hours, the customer ordered a second adapter.

  • Within 72 hours, the customer ordered a third adapter.





It has become common knowledge in the die casting industry that Wollin provides the best spray tool technology in the world. Therefore, die casters looking to reduce cycle times, improve quality, or reduce die lube usage, have been asking for a cost effective method of installing a Wollin spray head. This adapter is designed to be mounted to existing Rimrock, Advance, and Acheson reciprocators.





  • Rigid spray tool design - no tubes

  • High performance nozzles

  • Reduce lube usage - eliminate runoff

  • Cut cycle times

  • Reduce scrap rates

  • Reconfigure spray tool with standard parts




Contact a Wollin representative to learn more about the product.