Wollin Die Spraying

An analytical approach to die casting optimization

Wollin is a world-wide company developing patented die spraying systems that helps die casters optimize cycle times, reduce scrap rates, and minimize die lube consumption.

25 years working with the world's best die casters and die cast machine builders. This vast experience has guided Wollin to develop a die spraying system that meets the strict demands of the most sophisticated die casters.


New!!! Wollin Announces Quick Install Adapters for Existing Reciprocators


  • controllable, ultra-fine atomization

  • adjustable flow rates on each nozzle

  • flexible, modular spraying system

  • multiple spraying and air blasting circuits

  • rigid mounting of components

  • high-speed, accurate machines

  • sophisticated motion and spraying profiles

  • simple integration with robots

  • CAD based tools to design spray heads and model entire die casting cells















Spray Heads

2 Axis Spray Machines

Robot Integration

Design the optimal spray head. The system supports up to 8 spraying circuits and 2 air blast circuits

Fast, precise positioning of the spray head: Supports machines ranging from 100 to 3000+ tons

Integrate a Wollin spray head to a  robot