Spray Heads

Design the perfect spray head for your complex casting


The variables involved in cooling and spraying a die in an optimal manner are numerous and complex. Wollin provides you with a patented, modular system that allows you the flexibility to develop a "spraying strategy" at the same time you develop tooling. Of course, once the spray head is installed, its modular design lets you quickly modify the "spraying strategy" on a live machine. Both off-the-shelf and fully customized spray heads are available.

Here are the highlights of Wollin's spraying system:   


Feature Benefit
Innovative nozzle design provides ultra-fine atomization Best cooling performance. Reduced lube consumption. Systems that flood the die waste lube and provides minimal, uneven cooling.
Up to 8 spraying circuits (4 on each side of the die). Each circuit is independently programmed and supports up to 30 spraying nozzles. Flexibility to design complex "spraying strategy" that reaches every corner of the die and allows consistent cooling on all areas of the die.
Capable of handling up to 4 different die lubricants. Customize spray cycle with different concentrations for cooling and lubrication
Two power air-blast circuits on every spray head (supports up to 30 nozzles). Reduce blow-off times with a separate high power air strip.
Extensive catalog of extension parts Build custom tool to place each spray nozzle the ideal distance from the die. Match the spray head to the contours of the tooling.
Flow and direction of each nozzle can be quickly adjusted. Quickly make small or large changes to "spraying strategy" during machine runoff.
Entire spray head can be reconfigured with a single hex wrench. Minimal tools, maximum flexibility
Rigid construction of all components No tubes to be knocked out of alignment. Guarantees repeatable spraying results.
CAD based design tools Develop spray head while designing tooling. Export CAD model into simulation software to view entire die cast cell. Visualize entire cell prior to purchase.